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The Best Tips For A Great Exercise Program – ...

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Today, with our busy lifestyles, few of us that have families can afford to take the time necessary to go to the fitness club or neighbourhood gym on a regular basis.

Heck, even if it’s within a short distance, we’re talking about several hours commitment per session.

Who has the time for that!?


Still, we all already know that exercise is just downright good for you.  If you name any random 10 medical situations and diseases, I’m very sure about this, that some form of frequent exercises is a good treatment or preventative measure for at least 9 of them.  Diet and exercise pop up as actions to prevent many of the diseases that ail us today, and both of these areas are a good place to focus on if your concerned about your health.

Even just some simple walking for exercise can go a long way to improving your health.  Walking for exercise is fun, easy, and is a great stress reducer but more on that in details bellow.

Another idea is that of a home gym equipment.  And I’m not talking about enough equipment to fill up the basement or several bedrooms and the living room.  What you want is something that you enjoy and that can be done in the privacy of your home whenever you desire.  A friend, who’s working on his muscle tone has a resistance weight training program with 1 piece of equipment.  The wife of my brother likes the aerobic action of a small trampoline and treadmill and have only these 2 devices at home.

The idea of home gym equipment need not be a daunting enterprise, just something that will can save time and allow you the exercise program that your desire right there in your own home.

Another great workout however is simply walking! 

The great thing about walking for exercise is that you can do it anywhere.  You have absolutely no excuse for not getting up and walking around for at least 30 minutes a day.

So, it’s raining outside?  Take an umbrella!

Seriously, just get out for a short walk around the block a couple times and you’ll thank yourself for it later.  If the weather is absolutely bad outside, just walk around your house or apartment for a while. This is better than doing nothing!

Walking for exercise is extremely low impact, and so anyone of any age can do it safely and frequently without worrying about damaging themselves.  It is harmless.

Running and other more strenuous forms of exercise can cause all kinds of joint pain and soreness and isn’t recommended unless you are in a better shape.

A lot of recent studies into different forms of exercise are showing that walking is every bit as good for you as running or other more vigorous exercises, you just need to do it longer.  If you are walking for exercise, go for at least 30 minutes or even an hour.  The more the better, as you can’t hurt yourself by walking too much.

There are a lot of exercise programs that are beginning to realize the benefits of walking for exercise.  As it is something virtually anyone that can walk can do, there is a huge target market for walking programs.  I’d recommend any program that motivates you to walk frequently.  Even without one, there are hiking and walking clubs all over the place to join.  Not only can walking for exercise be a way to maintain good health, but it can be a good way to meet new people and form new networks.

With so many benefits and virtually no cons, you can’t go wrong with walking for exercise.  Its only drawback is that it takes time to do, but it is time well spent.  What is the value of good health and longevity?

Also add on a favourite piece of gym equipment and you have everything needed to develop a healthy workout and exercise program without the inconvenience of going to the gym all the time.



Ten Ways To Get 10 Mins Of Fitness Exercise Every ...

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Fitness Training Experts recommend working out 40 minutes to an hour a day (30 minutes for beginners) for weight loss and fitness.

But if you’re like most women, you don’t always have a block of 30 to 60 minutes a day to offer exclusively for doing your fitness workouts.

You can still exercise–you just need to sneak in the equivalent in resourceful ways.

“The main idea is just to keep moving,” say many fitness experts. For example get a cordless phone or install a very long cord on your regular phone and walk while you talk.

Find whatever works for you and just move.

Park half a mile from the mall or your work and walk, walk, walk. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Those little but important things add up.

Every Stolen Moment Adds Up

In case you think that short bursts of activity have an insignificant effect on your fitness program, just think again. Researchers found out that women who split their exercise into 10-minute increments were more likely to exercise consistently, and lost more weight and easier after 4-6 months, than women who exercised for 20 to 40 minutes at a time.

In a landmark study conducted at the University of Virginia, exercise physiologist Glenn Gaesser, PhD, asked men and women to complete 15 x 10-minute exercise routines a week. After just 21 days, the aerobic fitness volunteers were equal to the 10 to 15 years younger people because their strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility were equal to them.

In another study, researchers at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore also found that for improving health and fitness in inactive adults, many short bursts of activity are as effective as longer, structured fitness workouts.

“It would be useful for people to get out of the all-or-nothing mind-set that says –‘If you cannot exercise at least for 30 minutes, then you are wasting your time’-” says Glenn Gaesser.

Breaking your exercise into small chunks on your overscheduled days can also keep your confidence up, says Harold Taylor, time management expert and owner of Harold Taylor Time Consultants in Toronto, who has written extensively on the subject.

“Skipping exercise altogether is ‘de-motivational’–you feel depressed and guilty,” Harold Taylor says. “If you skip it, you tend to figure, ‘What’s the use? I can’t keep up with it anyway.’ Yet as long as you make some effort each day, that motivates you onward. Success breeds success.”

Keep also in mind, though, that short bursts of exercise are meant to supplement, not replace, your regular fitness routine. Here’s a roundup of practical ways to work exercise into your day even when you “don’t have time to exercise.” (You don’t have to do them all in 1 day; select what works for you.)

Short bursts of exercise around the House

  1. When you go outside to pick up your morning newspaper, take a brisk 5-minute walk up the street in one direction and back in the other.
  2. If you’re housebound caring for a sick child or grandchild, hop on an exercise bike or treadmill while your ailing loved one naps.
  3. Try 5 to 10 minutes of jumping jacks. (with this exercise, a 150-pound woman can burn 90 calories in one 10-minute session.)
  4. Cooking dinner? Just do standing push-ups while you are waiting for your meal to be cooked. Stand about an arm’s length from the kitchen counter and push your arms against the counter. Push in and out to work your arms and shoulders.
  5. After dinner, go outside and play tag or shoot baskets with your kids and their friends or walk few times around the buildings’ block.
  6. Just before bed or while you’re giving yourself a facial at night, do a few repetitions of some dumbbell or free weights exercises. Just keep a set of free weights on a shelf in front of your bathroom sink.

While Waiting

  1. Walk around the block several times while you wait for your child to take for examples a music lesson. As your fitness level improves, add 1-minute bursts of jogging to your walks.
  2. Walk around medical buildings if you have a long wait for a doctor’s appointment. Just ask the receptionist to give you an idea of how long you have left to wait. Most of are usually very willing to tell you.
  3. While your son or daughter plays a soccer game, walk around the field and train yourself a bit.
  4. Turn a trip to a park with your child into a mini-workout for you. Throw a ball back and forth and run for fly balls.

All these above are only few small tips and ideas how to use your time gaps for your 10 min training.

You can just find more ideas to do it and remain healthy, fit and full of energy your whole life.





10 Healthy Tips for Fitness Success

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Getting fit is on the minds of most people.

However, many people are not consistent and fail in the first three months of an exercise program.  But if it becomes a habit and they stick to it, something magical happens after four months.  You are finally getting the results you expect and chances are you will continue with the exercise program.


The best 10 simple tips to help you with your fitness success.

  1. Get Moving

Resolve to be active in a variety of physical activities on a regular basis that will develop strength, cardiovascular capacity and flexibility.

  1. Prime the Pump

Resolve to participate in physical activities that involve the large muscle groups of the body.

  1. Let Your Muscles do the Work

Resolve to lift weight or use resistant exercises to place demands and challenge your muscles.

  1. Loosen Up

Resolve to stretch regularly – before and after or during exercise.  Remember to move your muscles through their full range of motion on a regular basis.

  1. Win the Losing Game

Resolve to maintain your weight at an appropriate level.  If you need to lose weight, a general rule to follow is to eat less and exercise more (both in moderation).

  1. Watch What You Eat

Resolve to eat a healthy diet.  Good nutrition equates to good health.  Good nutrition involves providing your body with the required nutrients in appropriate amounts.

  1. Chill Out

Resolve to keep matters of your life in proper perspective.  Know what factors you can and cannot control in your life.  Don’t “stress out” over those things beyond your control.  See change as an opportunity, not a threat.

  1. Get Plenty of Rest

Resolve to get enough sleep.  The basic guideline concerning how much sleep you need is whatever enables you to feel refreshed, alert and in relative good spirits the next day.  Sleep helps to rest and restore your body – both physically and mentally.

  1. Keep Your Focus on the Task at Hand

Resolve to make time to exercise on a regular basis.  Consistency gets results.  Focus on the muscle you are exercising.  Don’t just go through the motions.

  1. Keep in Mind that “There is no Free Lunch”

Resolve to commit to sound lifestyle choices.  For example, don’t smoke.  Maintain an appropriate level of body fat.  Avoid the latest fitness and diet fads, magic potions and exercise gadgets that seem too good to be true (they always are).

For more information and tips on exercises see also all our relevant articles to this subject.

Here is one extra Tip:

The Path to Performance

Of course, if you want to remain fit you have to chalenge your body a little bit more. This brings you strength, energy, health and balance.

If you have no time because of your work and family the best choice is a 24 Hours Fitness Centres.

It all depends on what you want to achieve.  In 24 Hours fitness centres, a uniquely specialized fitness program is available to anyone who simply wants to improve their performance in a specific sport or is seriously training for competition.  The program is designed by educated and experienced fitness trainers and athletes.

The Performance program includes a menu plan specifically customized for the workouts you have chosen.  You can choose a resistance training, a functional training, a body pump etc combined with a full cardio workout.  Don’t forget to ask there for a metabolic rate test and a test for your condition.

The gym programs are always designed for those who wants to get started as soon as possible but has no clear and specific idea how.  And the best thing is you can go for training any time you want or you have a free time slot

This is clearly the best option for them because all the information on nutrition, resistance training is learned through the fitness program.  This is the foundation one needs in order to have results that would last your body a lifetime.

The Components of Fitness

A regular exercise, an intense workout is just part and parcel of your path to health, fitness and well-being.

There are other factors that should just as well play a part and which fitness centres teach you.

Food intake is one of them.  A menu is provided to those who follow the performance path.  This details what you should or should not eat, or at least eat less of, if not completely avoid.  Cardio is also one as this enhances your endurance to stress and exercise. Vitamins and supplements are a necessity unless you are sure that you are able to receive the proper amounts of iron, calcium, vitamin C or D or E in a day.  If not, it is best to take them in.

Fitness training is a feather in your fitness success cap and is a necessary tool for being healthy, strong and balanced.